Payment Guide

Faster Payment System (Enjoy extra 1.5% off)

FPS ID: 110245370

Account Name: Wateryeyes Company

Please use this formula to calculate the amount due [Order total amount x 0.985]

If your order total amount is $199, the amount due is $199 x 0.985 = $196.02

For us to process your payment more efficiently, please fill in the order number (#XXXX) in the "Payment Remarks" field when remitting payment.

After successful payment, please take a screenshot of the payment receipt and send it to us via WhatsApp (852) 5638 8557 or email to


PayMe payment link:

Please click the PayMe payment link above or scan the PayMe QR Code, and then click "Tap to open PayMe".

Once redirect to the PayMe app, please enter the payment amount and your order number (#XXXX) in the message field.


Please contact us once you have placed your order, our customer service representative will request payment by sending you an Octopus payment link.

You may reach us via live chat by clicking the chat overlay in the bottom right of our website, WhatsApp (852) 5638 8557, or email


Please select "PayPal" if you would like to pay via PayPal
Payment guide paypal english
Once redirected to PayPal's landing page, you could either login to your existing account (if any), or you could select "Pay with a Card" to checkout without an PayPal account
Payment guide paypal english 2

Credit Cards (VISA | MASTERCARD)

If you would like to pay with your credit card, please select "Credit card" at check out, and enter:

  • Credit card number
  • Cardholder name
  • Expiration date (MM / YY)
  • Card Verification Value (CVV)

Payment guide credit card english

IIf you would like to pay via AMEX, please pay via PayPal.